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Jiangsu Leoch Battery Co., Ltd.(Jiangsu Leoch) was founded in 2003. It is an international new technology enterprise which is specialized in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of VRLA sealed lead-acid battery. Jiangsu Leoch covers an area of 187,000 square meters, with a total investment of USD82 million.

Jiangsu Leoch mainly produces reserve power batteries, SLI batteries and motive power batteries and they include series products such as AGM VRLA batteries, VRLA-GEL battery, pure lead batteries, UPS high rate batteries, marine batteries, railway batteries, start-stop batteries, automotive batteries, motorcycle batteries, OPzV, OPzS, PzS, PzV and PzB tubular plate batteries, golf cart batteries, scrubber sweeper batteries and electric vehicle batteries etc.. These products are widely used in various related areas such as telecommunication, power system, radio and television system, railway, solar energy, UPS, emergency lights, security, alarm, gardening tool, car, motorcycle, golf cart, forklift truck, electric vehicle and baby carrier etc.. Annual production capacity exceeds 3 million KVAh.

For quality control, professional quality management centers have been set up and successfully acquired the recognition of various standards such as ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 and international product certifications VDS, UL, IEC etc. In the area of technological innovation, we have carried out technical cooperation with renowned overseas battery manufacturers, introduced advance equipment and instruments from domestic and overseas suppliers and obtained a number of patent technologies. Our production capability has reached international advanced level, products sell and distribute to more than 100 countries.
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