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ZCJK group, with two factories producing block machines, was established in 2002. The head factory in Beijing is located in China Building Material Academy, which is the most authoritative academy for building materials and building machines. The machines from ZCJK group are inspected by this academy.

ZCJK group, is a high-tech company, has got the certificates of CE, BV, SGS, ISO9001 etc., which indicate that the quality of the machines is reliable.

This group, with its own lab, it helps its customers to test the raw materials, then give them the best ratio for making blocks. After testing, customers can have test reports.

Its block machines have been exported to 103 countries. With three overseas service teams in Africa, in South America, in Southern Asia, it can send engineers to customers for installation and training in the soonest time.

This group, produces small to large sized block machines. Like the QTJ4-40 block machine, QTJ4-40A block machine, they are small machines.
QTY4-25 block machine, QTY4—15 block machine, QTY6-15 fully automatic block machine, these are medium sized machines, they are quite popular for business.
QTY9-18 block production line, QTY12-15 fully automatic block production line. These are the large sized block machines for large block factory and construction projects.

The spare parts, are made in its own workshop, according to the drawing. They are made on drilling machine, milling machine, numerical control machine, laser cutting machine, etc.

After spare parts are ready, the machines will be assembled and inspected.

Steps of making blocks
No.1, Mixing raw materials in mixer.
No.2, Sending raw materials to block forming machine.
No.3, Feeding pallet.
No.4, Feeding raw materials
No.5, Vibrating and pressing
No.6, Blocks coming to block conveyor
No.7, Stacking
No.8,Delivering for curing

Different kinds of blocks, bricks, paving bricks and curbstones can be made by ZCJK block machines

Customers can also have stone crusher and sand making machine from ZCJK group.

For more information, please find the following contact
TEL:+86 27 85413858, +86 27 88734633, Whatsapp: +86 13439309361, +86 15623579601
Email: henry@zcjk.com, linda@zcjkd.com, mark@zcjk.com

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Hubei China
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Traders, Agents, Retailers, Distributors

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