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Tung Yung International Limited has been a major producer of office and school supplies in the world since 1962. With headquarters in Hong Kong, our production plants are located in different parts of Guangdong, China. Our sales network covers almost every corner of the world. Eagle, our commercial brand, is now one of the leading office product labels in countries on different continents, including but not limited to China, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt, Poland and Korea.
We are also strong in OEM business, producing for international brands like Maped, Essendant, Siplec, Herlitz, ACCO and supplying to big retail chains like Office Depot, WH Smith, Wilko, etc, in their own private labels.

We have developed a comprehensive and extensive product portfolio which includes stapler and staples, hole punch, automatic pencil sharpener, cash box, sticky notes, paper and poly filing products, glue stick, etc. Besides production in our own factories, we have also been building a sourcing network, mainly in China at the moment, for products we do not manufacture in our own plants to meet the demands of our customers efficiently and effectively. As such, Tung Yung is not just a manufacturer but a one-stop buying service provider in office and school supplies.
As a leader in the production of quality office and school supplies, we are dedicated to fulfilling social and corporate responsibilities and always comply with the requirements of different regions of the world we serve.
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Guangdong China
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Manufacturers, Traders, Distributors, Agents, Wholesalers, Retailers

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Office supplies

1.2D37-40; 1.2E09-12

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