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Yikai Co., Limited was established on October 15th 2003. We are certified to BCSI, FSC, ISO9001 with 16 years of experience in manufacturing and sales of hangers. We have one wholly owned factory, one shared factory and 49 subcontractors. Our main products are wood, plastic and metal hangers with 48 patents registered in both China and the USA. Yikai is the largest hanger supplier in China with over 200 customer in 83 countries around the world.
Yikai not only supplies personally designed customized hangers for retail display and fashion brands, but has valued added services such as product design, package design, creation if integrated wardrobe accessories. We travel to Europe and America every year for market research, developing new products each season.
We prefer to use recyclable, and recycled, materials which not only benefits the environment but allows environmental protection for our customers. We will continue to reduce the environmental impact of all our products.
Yikai has their own foundation dedicated to helping poor children and their families create better lives, fight against child labour and help to empower women and girls. Remember to always choose Yikai for all your hanger needs and know that in doing so you are helping to improve people’s lives.
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Guangxi China
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Distributors, Agents, Wholesalers, Retailers, Traders

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15.3A01-06; 15.3B19-22

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